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CW Interview at Renew Beauty on Aqua Gold, Hydrafacial, Juvederm, and More!

Speaker 1: As the temperatures drop our skin feels the burn, but a new take on facials is here to save the day.

Louise Proulx: When seasons change, so does our requirements for skin care.

Speaker 1: Renew Beauty in Dallas, Texas suggests HydraFacials for a little skin TLC.

Heather: The HydraFacial exfoliates the top layer of the skin, the dead skin cells that sit on the top. It infuses antioxidants, everything that's healthy and glow-y for your skin, straight into the skin.

Speaker 1: HydraFacials will have you feeling dewy and moisturized in the dead winter, but Renew Beauty is upping the anty by adding an Aqua Gold treatment to the HydraFacial.

Louise Proulx: That actually tights and firms the skin. Using a small device, tiny gold needles are used to create micro-abrasions on the skin which help the skin tighten and firm naturally.

Heather: That delivers custom solutions right into the skin. We love to use Botox and Juvederm. The Botox, put on just right under the skin, it's going to help shrink the pores and tighten the skin up. The filler, hyaluronic-based filler, gives a smoothness and tightness.

Speaker 1: The Aqua Gold procedure requires no injections and is safe for everyone.

Heather: You're going to see results right after just from stimulating the collagen. She looks a little bit red, which I think it's pretty, gives a little glow. Then in a couple days it continues to improve as the Botox and the filler take effect.