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WFAA Interview ft. Cleo Greene & Louise Proulx on SkinCare!

Speaker 1: ... about this segment here. I've got a lot of questions for you here.

Louise Proulx: Okay.

Speaker 1: Let's start off with does your skin really feel drier in the winter? Why is that?

Louise Proulx: It absolutely does. Often in the wintertime we are turning on heaters, we have less humidity [crosstalk] in the air, so our skin's gonna be a lot drier as a result.

Speaker 1: So how do we take care of it?

Louise Proulx: Okay. Well, great skin starts with great skincare, so the first step is to use during the winter months or in the fall and winter months is using skincare products that are more gentler than we've used in the summertime. Foaming cleansers. I love gel cleansers.

Speaker 1: Is that a foaming cleanser?

Louise Proulx: It is.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Louise Proulx: Love the SkinCeuticals brand and Dr. Obagi, but there are also some great products you can get at CVS and Walgreens like Cetaphil. Very gentle for the skin at this time of year.

Speaker 1: And affordable.

Louise Proulx: Yes.

Speaker 1: Now would you suggest using oils instead of lotion?

Louise Proulx: Well, that's a great question. So I don't recommend oils for the face.

Speaker 1: Really?

Louise Proulx: Really. Yes. Coconut oil I know and vitamin E, [crosstalk] you can-

Speaker 1: Yeah, a lot of people like to use those organic oils on their face.

Louise Proulx: And if they're within products, I would recommend it. However, for some people it can clog pores. So you wanna limit your use of oils. What I do recommend is using serums, and some of the more popular serums is using something that's hyaluronic acid based. That's what we have naturally occurring in our body. So using serums in a process of from thin to thick ahead of your moisturizers will give your skin the moisture it needs to glow.

Speaker 1: Do you have a serum here?

Louise Proulx: Yes. I love B5 gel. I think that's very important.

Speaker 1: B5 gel.

Louise Proulx: Or hyaluronic acid. You'll find it in most great skincare products. And very important, use a vitamin C serum in the morning. It's an antioxidant.

Speaker 1: I was gonna say, should you use it at night and in the morning?

Louise Proulx: I recommend using vitamin C in the morning because it's an antioxidant. It's for brightening. It'll help protect your skin from the elements of the sun.

Speaker 1: Now do face masks ... Do they really work? Should we be using them?

Louise Proulx: Face masks really work, and they're very popular.

Speaker 1: They are. You're right.

Louise Proulx: The young people love them. You've seen a lot of things on Instagram with people using charcoal masks.

Speaker 1: Oh yeah.

Louise Proulx: And I love facial masks. Love organic products. And usually products such as Stone Crop Masque or hyaluronic acid based masks or charcoal masks can really give the skin vibrancy. It'll make your skin softer, smoother, give you back that moisture that you're going to lose as a result of the change in seasons.

Speaker 1: This is a question that I really wanted to ask you.

Louise Proulx: Okay.

Speaker 1: Do we still need the sunscreen?

Louise Proulx: Right.

Speaker 1: Does it clog our pores?

Louise Proulx: Great question. So you will find sunscreen in most makeup products. However, the sunscreen factor of 15 or less is not enough. You do need to wear sunscreen. I would recommend strongly looking at-

Speaker 1: Over 15?

Louise Proulx: Over 15.

Speaker 1: Wow.

Louise Proulx: Look at product ingredients such as titanium oxide as well as zinc. The higher the level the better. And just a reminder, the number on the sunscreen means that's how often you reapply it. So you wanna have a 40 to a 50 sunscreen. Apply it before your makeup. It's very safe. And to avoid ... Those people who are slightly acneic, look for a physical fusion sunscreen.

Speaker 1: I'll probably need that.

Louise Proulx: Yeah. That will make sure that your pores don't get clogged, and you will have a great outcome with your skincare regime.

Speaker 1: Awesome, Louise. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

Louise Proulx: It's a pleasure. Thank you.

Speaker 1: We're gonna put all these products on our website at wfaa.com. It was great having you this morning.