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Meet Our Team

16 Team Members
  • Briston McClendon

    Briston McClendon

    MSN, RN, FNP

    Briston offers specialized treatments in several areas of wellness and aesthetic therapy to help patients look and feel their best.

  • Heather Hood-Galliani

    Heather Hood-Galliani

    BSN, RN

    Heather is a registered nurse who specializes in cosmetic injections and anti-aging/laser aesthetic treatments, utilizing her artistic eye.

  • Natasha Taylor

    Natasha Taylor

    RN, BSN

    Natasha is a registered nurse who provides clients with quality, effective treatments to help them look and feel their best.

  • Alison McKenzie

    Alison McKenzie

    BSN, RN

    Alison is an experienced registered nurse who performs aesthetic injectable enhancement procedures for her Dallas, TX patients.

  • Jessica Orman

    Jessica Orman

    BSN, RN

    Jessica is a registered nurse who has been at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon in Dallas for eight years as a licensed aesthetician.

  • Nicole Peña

    Nicole Peña

    ADN, RN

    Nicole is a registered nurse at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon who is proud to offer innovative treatments to our Dallas, TX patients.

  • Kelly Beignetti

    Kelly Beignetti

    BSN, RN

    Kelly is a skilled registered nurse offering noninvasive skin rejuvenating treatments for our patients at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon.

  • Kasia Micula

    Kasia Micula

    Renew Beauty Staff Member

    Renew Beauty Staff Member.

  • Miah Le

    Miah Le

    Medical Aesthetician

    Miah is a laser technician and aesthetician skilled in offering quality treatments to benefit our clients at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon.

  • Carley Smith

    Carley Smith

    Senior Laser Technician

    Carley is a trained, senior laser technician at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon with a specialty in CoolSculpting and advanced laser technology.

  • Sunny Asfari

    Sunny Asfari

    Medical Aesthetician

    As a medical aesthetician, Sunny provide skin rejuvenating and restoring treatments to our clients at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon.

  • Taylor Iverson

    Taylor Iverson

    Medical Aesthetician

    Taylor is an experienced aesthetician skilled in performing noninvasive, skin enhancing treatments for clients at our Dallas, TX facility.